Milling Center


Software Optimized advanced Vertical Machining Center

With an easy-to-use interface for maximum productivity, these high-performance machines are optimized for job shop machining applications. HTLD increases the life of your tools; HECC provides perfect contour control for better machining efficiency; OPTIMA controls the feedrate and HTLD adjusts the temperature in real time. To minimize thermal displacement and to increase the life of the spindle assembly, the spindle unit is grease-lubricated and jacket cooled. The advanced feed drive complements the spindle for highly precise machining. A low friction linear guide maintains precision even at high speeds.


Specification VESTA-1000+, 12,000RPM, 30 Tools
Compressed Air Supply (Pressure x Consumption)
Coolant 100.39 gal
Coolant Motor (Spindle / Chip Flushing) 0.54 / 0.54 HP
Distance between Column to Spindle Center 22.05 inch
Distance from Table Surface to Spindle Gauge Plane 5.12 ~ 24.8” inch
Electric Power Supply
Feedrate (X/Y/Z) 0.04 ~ 945 ipm
Floor Space (Length x Width) 131.3 x 86.61 inch
Height 105.12 inch
Max. Spindle Speed 10000.00 rpm
Max. Tool Diameter (without Adjacent Tools) 3.15 / 5.91 inch
Max. Tool Length 11.81 inch
Max. Tool Weight 17.64 lb
Method of Operation (Magazine / Swing arm) Geared Motor / Geared Motor
Method of Spindle Lubrication & Cooling Grease Lub. + Jacket Cooling
Method of Tool Selection Memory Random
NC Controller Fanuc 0i-MD
Rapid Speed (X/Y/Z) 1,417/1,417 / 1,181 ipm
Servo Motor (X/Y/Z) 2.4 / 2.4 / 4.0 HP
Spindle Bearing Inner Diameter 2.76 inch
Spindle Coolaer (50/60Hz) 0.24 HP
Spindle Cooling / Lubrication 5.28 / 1.59 gal
Spindle Motor 25/15 HP
Table Loading Capacity 1543.00 lb
Table Surface Configuration (T slots Wx P - No. of slots) 0.71 x 3.15-5ea inch
Tool Storage Capacity 24 (Opt.:30) ea
Type of Pull Stud MAS P40T-1 (45˚)
Type of Spindle Taper Hole ISO#40, 7/24 Taper (BT 40)
Type of Tool Shank MAS-403 BT-40 (Opt.:CAT-40)
Weight 41330.00 lb
Working Surface 43.31 x 19.69 inch
X-axis Stroke (Longitudinal movement of Spindle) 39.37 inch
Y-axis Stroke (Cross movement of Table) 21.65 inch
Z-axis Stroke (Vertical movement of Spindle) 19.69 inch