Milling Center


CNC Tapping Center

The HiT-400 features a high speed spindle reaching maximum speeds of 24,000rpm, a direct spindle connection for rigid tapping as well as mini tap, and minimized thermal displacement through a ceramic bearing. High speed feed rates, stable traverse, low noise and high precision through ball screw tubeless are also achieved.


Specification HiT-400 HiT-400L
Display 8.4” LCD 8.4” LCD
Distance from Column to Spindle Center 17.87 inch 17.87 inch
Distance from Table Surface to Spindle Nose 5.9~17.7 inch 5.9~17.7 inch
Floor Space 64.9 x 105.4 inch 82.7 x 105.4 inch
Machine Height 97.6 inch 97.6 inch
Machine Weight 5511.55 lb 5732.02 lb
Max. Loading Capacity 440.92 lb 440.92 lb
Max. Spindle Speed 12,000 (20,000) rpm 12,000(20,000) rpm
Max. Tool Lenght / Max. Tool Diameter 7.87 / 3.15 inch
Max. Tool Size / Max. Tool Diameter 7.87 / 80 inch
Max. Tool Weight 6.17 lb 6.17 lb
Memory 512K 512K byte
NC Controller Fanuc 0iM-D Fanuc 0iM-D
No. of Tools 14 (21) ea 14 (21) ea
Power Capacity 220(60Hz)/25 V/kVA
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z)
Servo Motor (X/Y/Z)
Size 23.62 x15.75 inch 31.5 x15.75 inch
Spindle Power
Spindle Taper 2 Face Contact (BBT30) 2 Face Contact (BBT30)
Travel (X/Y/Z) 20.4/15.7/11.8 inch 27.5/15.7/11.8 inch