Case Studies

Case Study: Bottleneck

“We had a milling bottleneck.”

An upgrade of its milling capability and improved setups let a job shop improve productivity on a key job more than 200%. With 24 employees, a job shop serves the packaging, energy, hydraulic industries, and government projects specializing in tight tolerance milling and turning demanded by its many customers.


Case Study: Lead Time

Lead times cut in half when a 3+C axis lathe out produces a 5-axis lathe

Founded in 1958, a 40-man machine shop specializes in high-precision aerospace and military work, offering value-added services for its prime defense contractors and commercial customers.


Case Study: Let the Machine do the Work

“Let the machine do the work”

A machine shop owner operating as a motorcycle performance shop was looking to broaden his range of customers, as performance parts work started to slow down. So he got on Practical Machinist ( and learned about a used Hwacheon lathe. Another participant in the forum praised the machine for its rigidity and ability to take a heavy cut without bogging down. That impressed Jim, the owner of the machine shop. So when the Hwacheon dealer rep walked in the door with a Hwacheon catalog, Jim was ready to listen.